Spring 2018 Trend Accessories + Polka Dot Blouse

Spring 2018 Trend Accessories

Polka Dot Wrap Top / Scrunchie Set / LOFT JeansASOS Metal Round Glasses

Spring 2018 Trend Accessories & More!

Do you know when you have a vision for something (it could be anything) and you know it was meant for you but you have no idea how it will ever come about? You have faith that it will happen one day because you feel like God put it in your path for a reason. You keep thinking about it over and over until suddenly the voice gets so loud that you have no choice but to do something about it? I’m sharing a bit of exciting news with you today, along with my favorite spring 2018 trend for accessories and my $15 polka dot blouse.

spring outfit ideas 2018

When I started my blog, I had a few ideas on where I wanted to take it. I knew I wanted to talk about affordable fashion finds and how to style items that you already own in your closet but I also wanted something bigger, something better. I wanted to educate my readers and connect with them on a deeper level. I feel like my knowledge on social media is something that keeps growing with time, mostly because I spend many hours online researching new and exciting ways to market yourself. I wanted to go beyond the actual text of my blog and connect with my readers on a more intimate level – through video.

I would throw up a video here and there on Instagram stories and slowly started to become a bit more comfortable hearing myself speak. Does any one really like the sound of their voice on video? Ugh, it is so hard putting yourself out there on video, right?

I started a YouTube page a while back with the hopes that YouTube would spark something inside me. I would even write ‘YouTube videos’ in my daily planner, trying to train my brain to get into the routine of doing videos and stepping outside my comfort zone. It didn’t work. Something was missing.

Sometimes, if we have the passion and drive, we are able to figure things out on our own. We can take an idea and run with it and after endless amounts of sleepless nights and a lot of hard work, that dream will come about on its own. But, I knew I needed a partner, I just wasn’t sure who he or she was and where I would find them. Then, suddenly, as if fate was on my side, I connected with an old co-worker and we start working together on a project – unrelated to videos. When we were grabbing coffee, we both mentioned how we always wanted to tap into video and write an e-book. Suddenly, the more we chatted, the more our visions started to become one. Just like that, as if God led me to her, we realized we could really hit the ground running with our idea and together, we could make it something so much greater than if we tried it alone.

Please stay tuned for our exciting project that will be coming in the next few months. It will be an e-book for anyone looking to grow their online presence organically. It will be filled with secret apps to set your your Instagram stories apart from the rest, plus an overflowing amount of information regarding all things social media. If you are looking to grow your business on Instagram and have been unsuccessful, please stay tuned! Oh, and there will be videos, too!

polka dot top

Ok, now that my exciting announcement is over, let’s get back to fashion. Can you believe hair scrunchies are back in? They are! Hair scrunchies are my favorite spring 2018 trend for accessories. I just bought a hair scrunchies pack from Forever 21, along with my $15 polka dot blouse. I am in love with this polka dot top! I just discovered that it can be worn multiple ways and it comes in 3 different colors. Just make sure to pair it with your favorite HIGH waisted jeans because it is cropped. I paired it with my LOFT jeans, pink sneakers (similar) and ASOS clear lens readers. I threw in some tulips to complete the spring fashion look.

Shop my entire spring outfit look for 2018 below:

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