Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2018: How to Accessorize a Casual Look

how to accessorize a casual look

JEMMA POPPINS Bag / Bow Beret / Striped Top / Two-Toned Jeans (similar) / White Booties (similar) / Leather Jacket / Clear Lens Readers

How to Accessorize a Casual Look this Winter.

We are coming out of January and heading into February – two of my least favorite months. It’s right around this time when I start feeling uninspired. Even though it was a cloudy, rainy day (I have to admit, I love when it’s cloudy in the winter), I still feel like I’m in a style rut. I’ve been doing my best to bring springtime vibes to the blog, but it’s hard when it’s only January. Today was one of the few times that I woke up and didn’t have an outfit in mind. I shuffled through my closet and decided it was the perfect day to write about my winter wardrobe essentials 2018 and how to accessorize a casual look with things you may already have in your closet!

First, my favorite accessory is a neutral tote bag. I’m all for a neutral bag in any season, especially winter, and I am loving my JEMMA POPPINS bag. It goes with everything. Ladies, you know we need a large bag in the winter, especially when we have to layer up for the winter with scarves and gloves. I love having this bag around to hold my gloves, scarves and hat once I reach my inside destination.

Next up, are my white booties. White booties have been my go-to this winter and I apologize if I’ve been overdoing it a bit. Honestly, when I bought them, I figured I would get a few cute looks with them and then that would be it. Yet, every day I find myself reaching for them to complete my look. White booties are my favorite winter wardrobe essential for 2018 and will instantly elevate your style. If you aren’t a fan of winter whites, then I recommend trying a metallic boot or eve a buckled bootie. Footwear that has a little extra something – whether it is a bold color, interesting design or side buckle – will make your outfit truly stand out.

winter wardrobe essentials

Berets – I’m all about berets this season. No, you won’t look like a painter or a baker or a candlestick maker. You will be surprised on how well you can pull off a beret. I’m honestly telling you, berets are one of the most underrated trends this year because many people think they can’t pull them off. You can! Just own the crap out of it. I love my green beret and I also own a red one, too! You can stick with a classic black one if you aren’t too sure how you’ll look in one. Berets are very affordable so even if you wear it once to the grocery store, you’re still stepping out of your comfort zone and that is awesome.

clear lens readers

Clear Lens Readers. Yes, I wear fake glasses almost every day WITH my contacts in. I prefer fake clear lens readers over my prescription glasses because they don’t make me feel dizzy and they are a bit more subtle. If it wasn’t so cloudy out, then I would recommend sunglasses as one of my favorite ways to accessorize a casual look but, the clouds are out and my sunnies stayed in. There are plenty of fake reader glasses out there so you can definitely find ones to fit your face but if you’re looking for round readers, I recommend these!

These 3 simple accessories are my top recommendations if you are looking for how to accessorize a casual look but it doesn’t stop here – there are plenty of accessories that can turn a casual look to a chic ensemble. What are your favorite winter wardrobe essentials 2018?

Would love to hear your thoughts!