Asymmetrical Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top for Spring

Ruffle Shoulder Top for Spring

Nordstrom Ruffle Top / Loft Jeans / White Booties (similar) / Sunglasses

Asymmetrical Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top for Spring – It Confuses Me but in a Good Way!

I’m sorry if it’s too soon to be talking about spring but I just can’t help it. If you’ve stepped foot in front of a department store lately, you’ll find that the stores are filled with spring vibes and you know what? I don’t hate it. Yes, I hate when stores rush Christmas or when shops start putting out winter coats in the summer but I am allll for spring clothes in January. We are all itching for spring, we just need to get through a few more snow days. I booked a ticket to Savannah (ask me how many times I’ve sang Savannah oh nah nah) so today, I’m sharing my ruffle off the shoulder top for spring and a few similar ones, as well!

It’s a weird time to shop, right? You don’t want to buy any more sweaters, the thermostat keeps going from 30 degrees to 50 degrees. I keep forgetting what season we are in. I’m serious. I was ready to buy these adorable boots and then realized, wait a second, I can’t wear them until at least April! What month is it again? Oh crap, it’s still January?

I went to Nordstrom’s the other day and saw this top and didn’t care if snow was on the ground, I needed it in my closet. I love the detailing because it confuses the hell of out me (in a good way). Is it off the shoulder? Is it one-shoulder? What IS it? I love it.

I found that this top works best when it’s tucked in because there’s a lot going on, a WHOLE lot going on. Tucking it in will tame the top. Ha! You have to tame that top, girl. So, tuck it in and roll up the sleeves then it will make the top much more fitted.

I paired it with my Loft jeans, so incredibly comfy and I love the wash, and my white booties. My white booties are becoming less and less of a challenge because they go with everything!

Funny, while I was shooting this look, a lady stopped and asked where I got my booties from so I’ll tell you exactly what I told her – Unfortunately, they are sold out but Target has VERY similar ones for much cheaper!

Shop my ruffle shoulder top for spring, along with my other favorite spring tops under $100 below: