Floral Sheer Tops & More – My Favorite Floral Looks for Winter

Floral Sheer Tops

Floral Sheer Tops & More.

Ruffle Floral Lace Top

Talking about the power of the flower today, guys. I just can’t get enough of sheer floral tops lately. The obsession began with my sheer floral bodysuit from Forever 21 (linked for you here). Then, I began to think of just how much I’ve been loving florals lately from denim jackets to ankle booties. Today, I’m rounding up my sheer floral tops, as well as my favorite floral looks for winter.

Even with the thin, sheer material, floral sheer tops can be completely day-time appropriate. At first, what drew me into this Nordstrom top were the colors. Then, I noticed the exaggerated bell sleeves. You know I can’t resist bell sleeve tops! I’ve rounded up my sheer floral tops here:

I was thinking today about how I buy flowers for myself on the reg. If I’m food shopping, I always take the time to stroll by the flower section and then I literally stop to smell the roses. This goes double if I’m having a crappy day. Buying yourself flowers is a wonderful pick-me-up. I suggest doing it from time to time. Never seek validation in others, you’ll always end up disappointed. Instead, spend your days looking for new ways to brighten up your own day. It will make you feel much better! No one said that a bouquet of roses has to come from your loved ones. It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then.

I love denim and floral. It’s a wonderful mix of masculine and feminine. My favorite way to showcase this combo is in a quality pair of denim pants but how fun is it to also have it on your denim jacket? Just maybe don’t wear the two denim pieces together. Unless, of course, you think it works. Then, by all means flaunt your floral denim on denim. My floral denim looks are below:

What is it about flowers that can brighten even the crappiest of days? They don’t necessarily smell great so I know it isn’t the same satisfaction as lighting a candle at the end of a long day. They most definitely don’t taste good so I know it isn’t the same as pouring yourself a glass of wine. Yet, there is something so incredibly amazing about receiving flowers (or buying yourself flowers) after a long, draining day.

Forget wearing flowers in your hair. Wearing flowers on your feet is trending and it is amazing. I love floral ankle booties, can’t get enough of them! They are incredibly chic and surprisingly affordable. Shop my favorite floral ankle booties below: