Forever 21 Sheer Top under $20 – Pre Black Friday Sales

Floral Sheer Bodysuit / Mustard Beanie

Forever 21 Sheer Top under $20.

Forever 21 is currently having a pre-black Friday sale with free shipping over $21. Can we take a moment to appreciate that they always having the best deals? My Forever 21 sheer top is less than $20. I know you’re wondering how the quality is so let’s break it all down in tonight’s blog post. 

Before we begin, I’d like to share my inner thoughts as a Forever 21 shopper in her 30s. Walking into the store is always an interesting experience when you’re in your 30s. I walk through the door, the latest pop song is blaring and my eye catches a glimpse of a dress that I wore when I actually was twenty one. Then, the panic sets in.

“Am I too old to be shopping here?” “What song is this, is this what the kids are listening to these days?” I mumble to myself while a bunch of teens on their phones walk by talking about their latest crushes at school. “Why is it SO hot in here?” “Why am I wearing an oversized jacket in the mall?” “Why am I sweating?

I jet to the accessory section. “I need to try on this pom pom hat immediately. How much is it? Only $5? Should I buy two?” “Is it bad to try hats on in the store? Will I get lice?” “Pom pom beanie for less than $10, can’t beat that!”

“I love this store.”

I aimlessly walk through the store like a lost puppy, piveting this way, stumbling that way. “I’m being so awkward, get it together, you’ve passed the same sweater 3 times. THEY DON’T HAVE YOUR SIZE.” Then, I see something that I like. “It’s perfect but why on earth is it up so high? Who can reach this for me?” I look around, “are there any basketball players here?” Three teenage girls stare at me like I’m their Mom. “Does anyone actually work here? Why do they put the best stuff so high up? Is this a store for giants?”

Finally, I find an employee and ask for his help. “Can you help grab me that velvet bandeau from all the way up there, please.” Well, this is suddenly awkward. “Is there a size x-small? I’d even take a small, if you have it. I could probably even pull off a medium. It’s going to look so good with my Thanksgiving Eve outfit, I’m so glad I found this. It’s exactly what I was looking for.” “Really? No small? Not even a medium? Only large? Just my luck.”

“I hate this store.”

Now, I’m aimlessly walking around again but this time, I see the Forever 21 sheer bodysuit that I’ve been searching for. The sheer bodysuit has it all: floral print, long sleeves, high neckline. “How much is it?” “$15 and there’s a size small?”

“LOVE this place.”

Cashier – “Did you find everything that you were looking for, ma’am?” My thoughts – “Um, have you actually ever shopped in this store before?” Me – “Sure did! I’ll be back next week!”

With a price tag of $15, this Forever 21 floral bodysuit is an amazing deal. It runs true to size and it is very comfortable despite it’s sheer fabric. I love the high neckline but always seem to have an issue with buttoning the front button. It feels like my fingers are too big. It’s rather annoying and I wish it didn’t exist but once you do get it buttoned, you’ll forget all about it.

The Forever 21 sheer bodysuit is an amazing find and a perfect choice for your Thanksgiving Eve outfit. I dressed this top down with a mustard beanie and black high-waisted denim pants but you can pair it with a skirt for a nighttime look.

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