Cozy sweaters for the holiday season.

Sweaters for the Holiday Season

Cozy sweaters for the holiday season.

Just glancing at my calendar and realizing that Thanksgiving is almost here. Wasn’t it just Labor Day weekend? For me the holidays are all about comfort. So, today I’m rounding up my favorite affordable sweaters for the holiday season and I’m going to do it while jamming out to Christmas music. I ran a poll on my Instagram stories to see if it was too early to be playing Christmas music and 60% of you agreed that it wasn’t. So, here we are… Currently, listening to “This Christmas” by Christina.

We know the holidays are just around the corner and that means spending time with family and loved ones, eating all of your favorite food, watching football and enjoying much-needed rest and relaxation. I would absolutely love to be one of those women who wears high heels and lace cocktail dresses during the holiday season. My life is just not that fancy. I am much more comfortable in heeled booties and an oversized sweater this Thanksgiving holiday. No one wants to wear tight clothing while eating turkey and pumpkin pie! My top comfortable sweaters for winter are not only cozy but grandma-approved for your family dinner.

My ASOS sweater is my favorite on the list. I do have to let you know that it runs big. I fixed this issue by rolling up the sleeves and tucking in a small section into my leather skirt. ASOS oversized sweaters are the best, especially when you are lounging around with family. Yet, you don’t want the sweater to overpower you. Take control of that sweater and make sure you are wearing it and it’s not wearing you. Tuck it in the front and roll up the sleeves. You will be surprised how these tiny details make a big difference.

I was incredibly surprised to find how soft this Forever 21 sweater is! I received a lot of positive feedback about this cropped striped sweater from Forever 21. The price tag is amazing, less than $20, and this sweater is SO soft. I’m not sure I would ever wash it though. Keep in mind that it is cropped so high-waisted jeans are a must.

My black and white striped Forever 21 sweater is off the shoulder and so ridiculously comfy I ended up wearing it 3 times this week. It does come with holes and rips already on it, so if you aren’t into the distressed look than this sweater may not be for you but it is so much fun and classic with the stripes. I’ve paired it with my black round readers which seem to be a crowd favorite. I have pretty terrible eyesight and actually do have glasses yet I prefer wearing my contact lens and wearing fake readers. These do not make you feel dizzy and they are so cute and affordable.

Ruffle sleeve sweaters are my weakness, I can’t get enough of them! Both of these sweaters, the layered ruffle pullover sweater from Express and the ruffle longline cardigan from Nordstrom will be on my holiday shopping guide so I’m giving you a sneak peek now if you want to buy them before they sell out.

Shop my favorite cozy sweaters below and please follow along with me on my instagram @jenni.eliz for more holiday favorites.