Dresses under $100 – Currently Loving this Fall

Fall Dresses under $100

Fall Dresses under $100

Current Favorite Fall Dresses under $100 for whenever the fall weather is ready to kick in.

It’s October, October is finally here! I wish I could say that the fall weather has arrived but it’s been nearly in the 80s and humid all week. My air conditioner is currently blasting on my face right now while I sip on a pumpkin beer. Something feels off. Yet, when you walk outside you can feel that slight chill in the air that reminds you that the fall weather is about to arrive in full force. For now, we’ll just pretend that it’s fall outside. The chill of the air conditioner and the taste of my pumpkin beer is getting me into the fall spirit so let’s celebrate one of the best months of the year with my favorite dresses under $100.

For today’s shoot, I am wearing the most comfortable dress from Topshop. It’s cute polka dot print is fun for the daytime, plus it was the perfect length for my thigh high boots. The lightweight fabric is just what I was searching for, something to throw on when you want to grab a cocktail with the girls or head out for dinner.

I love owning a dress that won’t wrinkle easily and it’s always nice having a fun little black dress in your closet. You may not consider a dress like this a ‘fall fashion essential’. Yet, every woman needs a little black dress that they can depend on and this Polka Dot Ruffle Minidress is a nice spin on the classic LBD.

I’ve shared this dress, as well as a few of my other favorite dresses under $100, with you below. I also would like to end this blog post today with a few fashion blogging tips that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Fashion blogging tips to keep in mind:

The question to ask yourself when blogging isn’t, “who will see me?” but instead it’s, “who will stop me?”

When I first started blogging, I was in my own way. I was too wrapped up in what other people would think. I would go off with my tripod and take photos at places where I knew no one would see me. These places would range from dead end streets, abandoned buildings, my own backyard. I was more focused on what other people would think rather than improving my blog and stepping outside of my comfort zone. So, I hid. I hid from the random strangers, people I would most likely never see again, because I was too afraid they would judge me.

It’s important to remember that there will always be people out there who will judge you or try to keep you from reaching your destiny. Greatness happens when you step outside of your comfort zone, pay no mind to what others might think and stay focused only on what is best for you. The stranger who drives by when you are blogging with your tripod and gives a strange look, will his opinion really matter in the long run? Remember, it is your race to run, not theirs.

Today, I choose to take photos on busy streets, surrounded by plenty of people. I smile at those riding passed me on their bicycle and those wondering why a woman is in high heeled boots at 2pm on a Saturday in 80 degree weather. I wave and smile and say ‘hello!’ The strange part? Most people who drive by are either smiling back or not even paying attention to me at all! Weird, right? Maybe a woman with a dream and a tripod has become the new normal.

Trust me, it feels SO much better when you develop the mindset, “who is going to stop me?” rather than “but what if they SEE me?”

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