How to be Fashionable on a Tight Budget.

How to be Fashionable on a Tight Budget

Striped Boatneck Top / Color Block Skirt

Tips & Tricks – How to be Fashionable on a Tight Budget.

There’s a slight chill in the air, indicating that fall is just around the corner. I love this time of the year – pumpkin candles, light jackets, wide brim hats, I’m all for fall fashion trends. Despite what you may have heard, your fall outfit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Today, I’m sharing how to be fashionable on a tight budget, the tips and tricks that I use every day to make inexpensive finds look like high end pieces.

The first trick, and one of the easiest tricks to follow, is the three piece rule. It’s very simple. Basically, every outfit you wear should have 3 statement pieces. Let’s say you wake up and feel like wearing jeans and a tee. How do you turn a casual look into a casual chic look? You throw on the third piece: a hat, a belt, attention-grabbing shoes, a scarf or a bandana draped around your neck. This is how you elevate your style to make it look much more ‘fancier’ than it actually is. Your jeans could be $20 and your tee could be less than $10 but adding a wide brim hat or an eye-grabbing belt will make the outfit look much more expensive.

Don’t ignore your feet because your shoes tell a story. When you first meet someone, do you take a second to look at their shoes? Oh, that’s just me? Okay, well maybe you are doing this without even realizing or maybe shoes aren’t that big of a deal to you. Yet, if you are looking for how to be fashionable on a tight budget than start paying a bit more attention to your shoes. Thanks to DSW, Nordstrom Rack or Charlotte Russe, you can easily find cute booties for less than $60. Don’t be afraid to try something thats a little out of your comfort zone, too. I bought metallic booties last year and to this day, it was still one of my favorite purchases.

Color block skirts and striped shirts. I love the idea of mini skirts for fall. They are casual enough to wear during the day and add a bit of sophistication to your outfit. Striped tops are another one of my favorite ways to look fashionable on a budget. I think, as women, we tend to shy away from stripes. It’s a common thought that stripes aren’t flattering. This is not necessarily true so don’t rule out this pattern altogether. Try a dark color such as blue or black with white stripes and pair it with a mini skirt for a great daytime look this fall. Don’t forget the metallic booties or third piece!

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