Classic Fall Fashion Staples + Moonglow Jewelry

fall fashion essentials

fall fashion staples

Classic Fall Fashion Staples to own by your 30s.

Today I’m going to share my favorite fall fashion staples for you but before I begin today’s post, I just want to send my best to all those bracing for Hurricane Irma’s landfall in Florida.

Going through Hurricane Sandy on the Jersey Shore was an experience that I hope I never have to repeat. Waking up to the destruction and knowing that the boardwalk that you grew up on, the boardwalk that you learned to walk on, would never look or be the same again was beyond devastating to comprehend. If you are reading this and you are currently living in the path of this hurricane, please know that my heart is with you. Stay strong and know that your city will rebuild and you will come back even stronger than before. Just remember that God doesn’t give us anything that we can’t handle.

By experiencing Sandy’s impact, I learned that the tremendous generosity and love from others conquers all. I remember going to Wawa to grab coffee, a few days after the storm hit, and workers from all different states were inside, holding doors for customers, smiling and saying “Hi.” I know it sounds silly but it was comforting to know that people cared, that people were there for us at our darkest times. It was a dark time but it was nothing that we, as a state, couldn’t handle and I do believe that Jersey and New York came out stronger because of it. You will come out stronger, too. I’m sending all of my love to Florida.

For today’s post, I’m sharing my favorite fall fashion staples for you.

Striped & Ruffle Tank

My favorite fall fashion staples includes this striped tank from Hazel and Mae. It’s currently on major sale and you can use the code ‘Jenni20’ to get 20% off the ‘Just Arrived’ collection. I love the idea of wearing stripes in the fall. What I love so much about this top is that you can easily layer it over a lightweight bomber jacket for a cute and easy daytime look that you can wear well into November or December. I also love the idea of a simple ruffle cami layered underneath a draped trench coat or duster cardi. These basic fall essentials don’t cost much at all but they are my go-to for a pulled together daytime look.

Bomber Jacket

I did a nice little segway there because my other favorite fall fashion essentials is a bomber jacket. This particular one that I’m draping over my shoulders is sold out but can we take a second to appreciate Forever 21 and their amazing prices? This pink bomber jacket is less than $25!

Pink Sneakers & Metallic Booties

When it comes to fall fashion staples, I love the idea of pink sneakers. I just think they are so chic (not to mention comfortable). If you are a mom on the go or just looking to up your shoe game, I highly suggest these pink sneakers for you! They are an incredible deal and so incredibly comfortable. I think sneakers are often overlooked when it comes to fall essentials but not all of us want to wear booties during the day. If you do, I suggest one of my favorite fall fashion staples – metallic booties. Some may say there is a time and a place for them. Not true. I wear my metallic booties day or night :).

Straw Boater Hat & Wool Fedora

Now, let’s talk about hats because there’s nothing I love more than hats. Whether it’s a straw boater hat or a wool fedora, a hat instantly ties together any outfit. I typically go with a classic black hat but have been wearing nude or straw hats lately.

Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits

You know how much I love my jumpsuits. I prefer wearing a jumpsuit rather than a dress, especially since the nights are getting to be a bit more chilly. You can learn more about my love for jumpsuits here.

Today, I’m wearing Moonglow Jewelry, an amazing company that lets you wear the MOON from the date of your choice. Which date do you want to wear? I picked my birthday. I think this is such a cool, personalized gift idea for any special person in your life or anyone that you love to the moon and back. Check out the Moonglow website and let the moon remind you of your special moment.