Spring 2018 Trend Accessories + Polka Dot Blouse

Spring 2018 Trend Accessories

Polka Dot Wrap Top / Scrunchie Set / LOFT JeansASOS Metal Round Glasses

Spring 2018 Trend Accessories & More!

Do you know when you have a vision for something (it could be anything) and you know it was meant for you but you have no idea how it will ever come about? You have faith that it will happen one day because you feel like God put it in your path for a reason. You keep thinking about it over and over until suddenly the voice gets so loud that you have no choice but to do something about it? I’m sharing a bit of exciting news with you today, along with my favorite spring 2018 trend for accessories and my $15 polka dot blouse.

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Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2018: How to Accessorize a Casual Look

how to accessorize a casual look

JEMMA POPPINS Bag / Bow Beret / Striped Top / Two-Toned Jeans (similar) / White Booties (similar) / Leather Jacket / Clear Lens Readers

How to Accessorize a Casual Look this Winter.

We are coming out of January and heading into February – two of my least favorite months. It’s right around this time when I start feeling uninspired. Even though it was a cloudy, rainy day (I have to admit, I love when it’s cloudy in the winter), I still feel like I’m in a style rut. I’ve been doing my best to bring springtime vibes to the blog, but it’s hard when it’s only January. Today was one of the few times that I woke up and didn’t have an outfit in mind. I shuffled through my closet and decided it was the perfect day to write about my winter wardrobe essentials 2018 and how to accessorize a casual look with things you may already have in your closet!

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My J’adore Top + 3 Things You May Not Know About Me.

j'adore top
j’adore top / abercrombie jeans / clear lens glasses / adidas sneakers

My j’adore Top is back in stock!

First, I have to share my excitement with you all. I have been swooning over this j’adore top for months. Why? I have no idea but I just love a comfy white graphic tee – simple and chic, I could wear it every day. It’s finally back in stock in all sizes and trust me, you won’t be able to find a similar j’adore top anywhere else (I know, because I’ve searched). I am truly in love with it and it’s only $17, which makes it even better.

I decided to start doing something new this year where I would open up a bit and share more of my personal life with all of you on my blog. So, today I’m going to share 3 things you may not know about me.

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JEMMA POPPINS – The Perfect Handbag for the Girl on the Go.

Jemma Poppins Bag

Why JEMMA POPPINS is the Perfect Handbag for the Modern Woman.

Working from home, you might not think that I would classify myself as ‘a girl on the go,’ but I do and let me explain why. Running a blog and having a full-time job can be a bit challenging. It feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the week. I am constantly on the go in the morning before I begin work, during my lunch break and after 5pm. I take great pride in prioritizing my full-time job, while also giving some much-needed love to my blog. It took me a long time to find that balance though and sometimes, its overwhelming. Yet, any girl-on-the-go can relate – you find ways to get it done. Now, I’m not saying I do it all on my own.

Aside from coffee, I rely on a few things to help get me through the day – one of those being a handbag that I can rely on to keep all of my necessities organized and tucked away. The new JEMMA POPPINS Bag isn’t messing around, it was designed with the modern day woman in mind and I am obsessed.

I’ve had a good amount of time to get to know this bag. I’ve taken her out for a drive down Ocean Ave, we’ve gotten coffee together, she was by my side during my photoshoots, so you could say we are BFFs now. My favorite feature, aside from the gorgeous color, is the back pocket. I LOVE that I don’t have to rifle through my bag to find my phone. With this feature alone, you can tell that JEMMA knows what the modern woman needs in a handbag.

jemma bag

“Poppins was inspired by the Mary Poppins’s Magic Bag, a bag that is versatile, practical and at the same time truly feminine.”

jemma poppins handbag

My favorite companion while on the go!

So, let’s talk about its modern functionality. The JEMMA POPPINS bag can hold pretty much everything, while still leaving room for more. Can you believe it can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, satchel and tote? Hello, perfect travel companion. This bag is perfect for work, weekend, travel or just everyday life. I am extra excited about it because I just booked a trip to Savannah and I am thinking about how perfect this handbag will be on plane.

affordable handbag

You know that saying that everything comes into your life for a reason?

poppins bag

It is also great for holding my camera and tripod. Can you believe that I do not own a camera bag OR a dependable handbag until just recently? On the days that I would shoot, I would get dressed, do my makeup, throw on my crossbody bag, put my camera in my hat (I’m being serious) and walk out the door. ‘I really need a bag that will make my life easier,” were the constant thoughts that would fill my head during the day and then, somehow, would escape my mind at night. I came to realize that I was, no doubt, making my life harder than it was. You know that saying that everything comes into your life for a reason?

I fell in love with JEMMA Bag a little while back. If you remember, I own their Maggie Crossbody Bag, which I LOVE. It is perfect for nighttime because it can hold my IPhone 7, keys, cards, money and lipstick and really, that is all I need when I’m going out for the night. For the days that I’m shooting, however, I do require a bigger handbag and that’s where the JEMMA POPPINS Bag comes in. It’s the  new handbag standard for the modern woman and definitely a must-have for anyone looking for an affordable bag that is both sleek and functional.

Asymmetrical Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top for Spring

Ruffle Shoulder Top for Spring

Nordstrom Ruffle Top / Loft Jeans / White Booties (similar) / Sunglasses

Asymmetrical Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top for Spring – It Confuses Me but in a Good Way!

I’m sorry if it’s too soon to be talking about spring but I just can’t help it. If you’ve stepped foot in front of a department store lately, you’ll find that the stores are filled with spring vibes and you know what? I don’t hate it. Yes, I hate when stores rush Christmas or when shops start putting out winter coats in the summer but I am allll for spring clothes in January. We are all itching for spring, we just need to get through a few more snow days. I booked a ticket to Savannah (ask me how many times I’ve sang Savannah oh nah nah) so today, I’m sharing my ruffle off the shoulder top for spring and a few similar ones, as well!

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Casual, Ruffle Top for Spring + How to Make a Bad Day Better

casual tops for spring

I grab coffee and hang out on comfy, cool couches whenever I’m feeling anxious.

Ruffle Top (on sale) / Velvet Pants / Metallic Booties (similar)

Casual, Ruffle Top for Spring.

This is usually the time when my winter blues start kicking in. Even though I am attempting to “find the good in every season” it is very easy to slip into that negative mindset about winter. January isn’t the best month. There really isn’t much going on. With the temps dropping as quickly as my morale, I do my best to look for new ways to brighten up my own day. Today, I’m sharing my favorite ways to make a bad day better. I’m also excited to share my casual, ruffle top for spring with you today – currently on sale for less than $40. I’m going to share a few other cute, casual tops for spring that I’ve stumbled upon this winter, too.

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Valentine’s Day Outfit for 2018 – Beating the Winter Blues

Valentine’s Day Outfit for 2018.

Valentine’s Day Outfit for 2018

ASOS Pink High-Rise Pants / White Booties (similar) / White Turtleneck (similar)

The temperatures continue to drop here in New Jersey and so have our energy levels, right? Once the snow melts, it begins to snow again. It seems endless! It is difficult to get motivated. January is a rough month because, let’s be honest, there really isn’t much going on. If you are in a relationship, you may be counting down the days to February 14th and searching for a Valentine’s Day outfit for 2018. If that’s the case, I highly recommend my pink high-waisted pants from ASOS for Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t looking for a Valentine’s Day outfit and you are here to find ways to beat the winter blues, I’m going to share a few of my tips.

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My Pom Pom Beret Outfit Idea – Hip, Hip, Beret!

Beret Outfit Idea

Pom Pom Beret / Double Breasted Peacoat (similar) / DSW OTK Boots / Pinafore Dress / Black Turtleneck / Kate Spade Initial Necklace

My Pom Pom Beret Outfit Idea for 2017.

Hip, hip, beret. Totally feeling the beret trend for 2017 and beyond, guys. If you haven’t quite embraced the trend yet, my pom pom beret from Forever 21 is a great starter and currently on sale for $11.13. It comes in 4 different colors so you can choose a shade you feel most comfortable with, such as classic black or navy. If you wish to be a bit more bold, and more power to you if you choose to, the gray version features a vibrant pink pom pom. The fourth color, the camel beret, features a wine colored pom on top, which is my favorite color for the season. Shop my pom pom beret looks below and let me know which one you prefer, classic or bold.

For anyone questioning if berets are the right hat choice for them, my advice would be this- don’t think too much about it and give it a shot. In fact, if you are reading this blog post that means your interest is already piqued. Hats are trending right now and anyone who braves to wear one projects a certain confidence. Right? The wool-blend beret is definitely the biggest statement of them all. Whether you are a woman who wears several hats or one who has been teetering on the idea of purchasing one, the discounted Faux Fur Pom Pom Beret from Forever 21 is your chance to try out the trend at the most affordable cost.

The newest addition to my closet are my tan over the knee boots from DSW. I have been searching for tan OTK boots like these for quite some time and am so happy that I found these on sale for less than $100. They are incredibly comfy, too, which is even more important than the price tag. The chunky heel makes them daytime appropriate and I highly recommend them if you are searching for a new pair of boots this season.

You can shop my entire pom pom beret outfit here:

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List.

The sheer panic in realizing that Christmas is only 13 days away. I am guilty of last minute holiday shopping this year, anyone else? It’s totally fine, I’ll be fine. While I try to calm myself down, I’m sharing my favorite gift ideas for everyone on your list from your Secret Santa to your significant other. My Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide is divided up for you below. Check out my last minute shopping list below and let’s make this year’s shopping just a little less stressful, even though Christmas totally snuck up on me this year. Did I mention I’ll be fine?

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Floral Sheer Tops & More – My Favorite Floral Looks for Winter

Floral Sheer Tops

Floral Sheer Tops & More.

Ruffle Floral Lace Top

Talking about the power of the flower today, guys. I just can’t get enough of sheer floral tops lately. The obsession began with my sheer floral bodysuit from Forever 21 (linked for you here). Then, I began to think of just how much I’ve been loving florals lately from denim jackets to ankle booties. Today, I’m rounding up my sheer floral tops, as well as my favorite floral looks for winter.

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